Sultan Disney Palace Pets Furry Tail Friend

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Who would not want to add this proud and brave little tiger cub, Sultan to their Disney Princess Palace Pets collection? This little Furry Tail Friend is the pet of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin who found him napping on a pile of silks in market.

Sultan sports a little goatee and captures hearts with an adorable pink nose and caramel-colored eyes.  His colors compliment those worn by Princess Jasmine as he wears a sapphire adorned headband, proudly displaying a teal feather and has a matching teal-colored bow on his tail.

Like other Furry Tails Friends, Sultan is 2-1/2 inches tall and comes with a brush for some very sultan-like grooming of his fluffy tail.

This is a Disney-licensed product made of pearlized plastic and imported from China. Sultan’s head can turn so he can be poised to protect from his best vantage point.

Sultan is also a great Furry Tail Friend to take on car rides and to restaurants to help pass the time.

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